Lola Lefrançois is a French artist based in New York City. Inspired by her childhood in Auroville, India, she explores the intricate relationship between humanity, nature, and violence. Through large-scale landscape paintings and immersive installations, she brings viewer to challenge notions of possession beauty and harm.  After a BFA at the Beaux-Arts of Lyon, she graduated from am MFA in Studio Art  at the City College of New York. Since graduating in 2023, she has actively participated in residency programs such as The Rockella Residency Program (2023), the NARS Foundation Program (2024), Monson Arts (2024), and ChaNorth (2024). She has showcased her work in several solo and group exhibitions in New York City and France, including a recent exhibition titled “Bodiless Body” at the Nars Foundation and “A Parakeet’s Whisper” One-Eyed Studios, NY, USA (2023). Her group exhibitions include “What We Did Last Summer” at C&G Gallery, NY, USA, Les ÉVAsions des Arts (“The Escape of the Arts”), an art festival in Villy en Auxois, FRANCE (2020), and “Aux Seuils, Voir et Toucher le Son” (“At the Threshold, Seeing and Touching Sound”) at the Conservatory of Villeurbanne, FRANCE. She has also been awarded important awards, such as the 1st Prize of The Kenza Scholarship for the Arts.

2023 Master of Fine Arts, Art Studio, The City College Of New York,  CUNY, New York City, NY
2021 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Art studio, École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon,  Lyon, France. 

2023 «A Parakeet’s Whisper» One-Eyed Studios at Rockella Space, NY.
2023 «Fish don’t die with their eyes closed,» Compton-Goethals Gallery, City College of New York, NY.

2024. «Bodiless Body», NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY.
2022 «A tribute to Colin Chase,» Compton-Goethals Gallery, City College of New York, NY.
2020 «What we did last summer,» Compton-Goethals Gallery, City College of New York, NY.
2021 «What we did last summer,» Compton-Goethals Gallery, City College of New York, NY.
2020 Festival EVAsions des arts, Villy-en-Auxois, France.
2020 « Aux seuils, voir et toucher le son », École Nationale de Musique, Danse et Art Dramatique Villeurbanne, France.

2024 ChaNorth, Pine Plains, NY.
2024 Monson Arts, Maine, ME.
2024 NARS Foundation, New York City, NY.
2023 Rockella Artist Studio Program, New York City, NY.
2021 Kenza Fondation for the Arts Grant, 1st Prize, France.